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Is my contract caught?

After six and a half years this is still probably the most asked question. Uncertainty reigns supreme.

With many keeping their heads firmly in the sand regarding the matter it has fallen to the individual contractor and the contractors trusted advisers to approach this issue with a clear idea of what is required to bring certainty to the situation.

Paul Silver-Myer has the experience and the accreditation to provide the guidance you need for your business, contract by contract.

He has separated the rumours and the hear-say from the reality and deals with the facts.

Paul Silver-Myer can provide you with a review of your contracts terms and conditions and where re-negotiation may be possible and/or required. We can provide you with advice on the effects of any re-negotiation and what realistically could be achieved when working through an agency.

Paul Silver-Myer understands your tax matters, call him.